About This Project

Kate and Alvin are my favorites. We had our engagement session scheduled for some time and once the day showed up, it was raining. Like really raining. I told them we could reschedule or we can just do it as I have 2 of the clear umbrellas ( I had been secretly dying to use ) and they agreed to do the shoot!

Kate rented an amazing dress from rent the runway and Alvin came all fancied up in a suit and we rocked this rainy day engagement session. I did most of the photos in Downtown Annapolis and the rest over off West Street where some people are painting awesome (and i mean awesome) murals on the sides of buildings. We were at this one building at the end of a work shift and all the guys came out and wanted to do a photo with them. It was a great day and I got some of my favorite photos from this session.