CarolAnne & Luke | US Naval Academy

CarolAnne & Luke had one of the most beautiful and moving weddings I have been to in a long time.  It all started at CarolAnne’s family home where she got ready and then we headed to the Naval Academy for the ceremony.  If you have never been to the Naval Academy’s chapel… just go once.  It is one of the most beautiful chapels I have ever been inside of.

As CarolAnne walked down the aisle with her mom and dad, everyone felt the emotion and love in the room.  I am so not a crier at weddings but this one totally got me – had all the feels.  CarolAnne and Luke just looked so wonderfully happy the entire time and it made it hard to not just be in that moment with them.  After the ceremony, they took a small break and we managed to get family photos and bridal party shots done in the chapel!  I will typically push to have these shots done outside because most chapels are darker with little natural light, but this one was so bright and beautiful that I was pumped to do it.

After photos were done we traveled over to the Westin where the reception was held – more crying happened during toasts.. I’m tellin you… anyone would of!  Then we went outside to do the bride and groom photos in front of the graffiti wall they have right out front and I gotta say.. that spot is quickly becoming a favorite!  The art is super pretty/colorful and its just an alternative look to the beach weddings that I do.

Oh! And by the way… Pro tip for receptions… get hats.  Lots of weird hats.  People will wear them, therefore making your photos even more enjoyable.

Anyways, thanks for reading the mumbling mess and enjoy these photos!


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