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Did you get engaged recently?  Do you want awesome photographs for your save the dates or just to have some great shots of the two of you together? I want to help you!

Searching for a photographer, let alone locations to take your photographs is a daunting task.  There are SO MANY awesome places to get photos taken in the Annapolis area so I have taken it upon myself to share a few of my favorite spots to make things easier for you.  Once you check this over and decide that you think I am an awesome fit for you, shoot me a message and we can set up your session!


Downtown Annapolis
If you are an Annapolis fan and love everything about its cute little streets and colorful buildings, this is the spot for you!  Honestly, downtown Annapolis is beautiful by the water, on the side streets, by the state house and even in the rain!  You cannot go wrong with choosing this location to commemorate your time together and have some fun.  Once we are done, you can head over to the Iron Rooster for some damn good chicken and waffles 😉


Beverly Triton Beach Park
This is by far my favorite spot.  Mostly because I can walk to it from my house!  If you choose to come out to Mayo we will meet at my house and then we will wander through the woods to take some pretty shots in the trees and then we will arrive at the beach.  There are a lot of different backdrops we can have here which makes it so much fun to shoot at.  On the way back we can take the short way which is the way we came or the long way where we will find spots buildings used to stand and they are now empty concrete slabs in the middle of the woods.  If you are looking for a lot of options, this is definitely a great spot for you to choose!


Historic London Town & Gardens
This location is beautiful, especially in the fall.  We would start this session by the welcome center where I will meet you guys and then we will wander through the woods on the trails.  There are so many beautiful spots here to take photos that you wont be disappointed.  After we are done on the trail, we will head to the historic buildings for a textured background and finally we will end with a few shots on the pier.


Edgewater Beaches
This spot tends to look less appealing on first sight or as a passerby.  What is really nice about this location is that there are a few different types of shots we can get.  I can take pics in the grassy area like the photo above, on an actual beach and in a small marina.  It is a great location for any beach lover!  We tend to get some pretty sunset photos here as well, just to keep  that in mind 😉


Jonas Green Park
If you love the beach and sunset photos, this is the location for you.  This location not only has beautiful beachy spots for photos, it also has a rocky area overlooking the Naval Academy, sailboats randomly floating by and sunsets.  The sunsets here are seriously gorgeous so if that is your jam, this is definitely your spot!


The Westin, Annapolis
This location is very fun.  It is quite literally a graffiti wall right in front of the Annapolis Westin Hotel.  I love this spot as its colorful and different from typical engagement sessions.  The art here is beautiful so it will be well worth your time to meet up here and get some alternative photos done 🙂


Eastport Yacht Center
This is a spot no one would really think much of.  It is basically a storage spot for people to leave their yachts plus a marina.  The colors of the boats are awesome and the sheer height of them on the stands outside of the water is simply amazing.  If you want something unique for your engagement session, this is definitely it!


That should pretty much do it!  If none of these spots really speak to you, please let me know – I have other options too, just tend to favor these listed above 😉  I look forward to working with you!

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