Tony & Taylor | Silver Swan Bayside

Taylor & Tony had a gorgeous wedding day!

My relationship with them started when my boyfriend and I were out having dinner at the Kentmorr on the Eastern Shore.  My boyfriend, being his chatty self, introduced himself to Tony at the bar as they were waiting for food.  Tony had talked about his fiance (Taylor) and wedding plans and my boyfriend decided to drop the – not so subtle – “Hey, my girlfriend is a wedding photographer” line.  It ended up working out great!  We all sat together for a bit while waiting on food chatting it up and next thing I knew, they hired me to be their wedding photographer!

Probably one of my favorite moments from their wedding was when the flower girl gave me her basket after she dumped it out near the end of the pathway.  She then proceeded to randomly hand stuff to the bride and groom during the ceremony as well as roll around for some funny photos.  Was pretty adorable all around!

Anyways, take a looksie at the photos!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


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