Chanice & Matt | Beverly Triton Beach Park

If you choose a wedding package that includes an engagement session and you do not want to do engagement photos you can save your photos up until your 1 year anniversary to use for whatever you wish!  That is exactly what Chanice and Matt did, some one year anniversary photos.

These two are by far one of my favorite couples to photograph.  Their wedding to this day had some of the BEST dancing I have ever seen and they are one of those couples where you can just feel how much they love each other.  Also… I mean, come-on… she’s gorgeous and he’s not so bad either 😉

I convinced the two of them to travel up to my house to do their photos in the woods and the on the beach behind my house.  This is VERY quickly becoming my favorite place to photograph people.  There are so many textures and different types of backgrounds you can have all within one area.  Needless to say, you will be seeing a lot more of this space 😉

Hope everyone enjoys the photos and has an awesome fathers day weekend!

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