Nina & Glenn | A Beach in Edgewater

When Nina & Glenn contacted me to shoot their intimate wedding on the beach I jumped at the opportunity.  I mean, who doesn’t love a beach front wedding?  Plus, they are great friends so I was happy to help out 😉

They got married on a local beach in Edgewater, MD.  This beach was actually right behind my home at the time so I could basically walk if I wanted to.  Unfortunately it was one of those unseasonably cold days, plus it was windy so I gladly drove over to knock out their wedding photos.  Their wedding was quick but super sweet and after they had toasts on the beach and a bouquet toss and after everyone left I did a few formal shots for them.  Once we finished with those they braved the cold water and hopped on their paddle boards for a few shots paddling around the beach.  It was short lived as the wind was kinda brutal with the threat of falling in the ice water, but I got some cute shots of them together on them!

I am seriously IN LOVE with this session and really hope that you do as well!

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